Your Intro to Award-Winning Photography

Happy July Friends,

The SoCal 2021 MAME Awards are rapidly approaching! So you know what that means…NOW is the perfect time to start thinking about how YOU are going to document your award-winning projects! We figured it was the perfect time to reintroduce ourselves; Applied Photography: a proud, family-owned and operated small business that is officially your new go-to architectural photography destination!

At Applied Photography, we create award-winning “images that sell” for a wide range of clientele. And with over 30 years of experience, we’ve constructed a gleaming reputation built on accolades, happy clients, and images that speak for themselves. Recently, through a combination of hard work and a beautiful canvas, our collaboration with The New Home Company Arizona placed for an award (as pictured)! CONGRATULATIONS to their amazing team on all of their well-deserved recognitions!

If you’ve been reading closely, a term we used earlier on might have caught your eye: award-winning. Throughout our tenure in the photography industry, we’ve had the humble pleasure of receiving many esteemed awards and merits that have set ourselves and our partners- apart from the competition. You can view our awards, mentorships, and endorsements here.

With the SOCAL 2021 MAME Awards on the horizon, we’re gearing up for another busy summer full of anticipation, hard work, and a hunger for success. Will we be seeing you there? 

All the best,
The Applied Photography Team