Your Guide to Lighting Styles

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Statistically, people only remember about 10% of information three days after reading it. However, adding a photo is shown to improve our recollection by as much as 65%.

Needless to say, quality photography is a must. But what makes an image “high quality?” Many logistics go into photography that people may not realize, such as the lighting style. 


From bright light to brightly lit, soft light to dramatic, there are many options and each one represents its own characteristics:

  • Bright Light is designed to keep attention inside on the furniture and the space. Used by designers, builders, and architects, bright light is a great option to control the eye of your audience.
  • Brightly Lit is commonly used by most builders, architects and designers who want the client to see the space and the view. The lighting is carefully balanced so both indoor and outdoor spaces are nicely highlighted.
  • Soft Light is a style frequently used in high-end catalogs and magazines to add a specific, artistic touch. This lighting style is meant to display a certain ambiance that is achieved by removing light, rather than adding it.
  • Dramatic Light is a unique style that is selected by clients who want to stand out from the competition, adding contrast and depth to the space. 

Quality images have the ability to transform and sell your property. But each property is different and that’s why the best thing you can do for your next project is to get a personalized recommendation from one of our experts.

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