What A Drone Can Do For You

Happy June Partners and Friends,

Summer is officially here and its never felt so good! Based on the subject line, you might now be asking yourself, “What CAN a drone do for me?” Well, the answer is a lot – much more than you think! 

The biggest misconception about drone photography is that it’s limited to mostly bird’s eye views of a property. But if you learn anything by reading this, let it be that drone photography is a stand out feature that can (literally) elevate your project.
Aside from additional angles such as a bird’s eye view, aerial photography has the ability to showcase much more than you can access on your own two feet! The surrounding area, neighboring homes, accessibility, traffic patterns. the possibilities are endless!

While the capabilities of drone photography are limitless, its benefits come down to simple math: Let’s say only 2 out of every 100 competitors in your industry utilize aerial photography to give their images that extra edge. If you make yourself the third, then by default, you’re already in the top 3% of industry-leaders. 

To learn more about drone photography and to stand out amongst the crowd, visit our aerial gallery.

All the Best,
The Applied Photography Team