Happy June Partners and Friends!

Happy June Partners and Friends,

In true pandemic fashion, we are fully up-to-date on all Selling Sunset episodes and anxiously awaiting the next season. Social Distancing has had a way of freeing up time so you can dedicate it to more important things. like binge-watching Netflix!

But seriously, there is an educational side to some of the guilty pleasure shows we watch – like Selling Sunset, for example. Interlaced throughout the drama, the viewers get to see gorgeous real estate from the “back end” and what makes it appealing to buyers.

Similarly, in our industry, we have to appeal to buyers because the main objective of our services is to help our clients make sales. Primarily, sunsets – believe it or not – are really what sells.

Take the above images for example: we caught them at the best time of day, when dusk provides that sought-after dramatic touch. Perfectly suited for award shows, websites and brochures; Evening images are captivating and make the best marketing impact!

Photography is truly the perfect asset for real estate, underscored only by our current state of virtual reality. When prospective buyers are searching for homes by way of Zillow, a real estate agent, or a direct website, the common denominator is that they need to be drawn in by the photography. Oh… and did we mention we also provide virtual tours AND staging?!  Nobody sets out on a search for something that isn’t special or eye-catching, right? 

With the real estate market heating up this past year, demand is high and the market is saturated. Choosing the right photographer will help your projects stand out amongst the crowd and get heads turning away from the TV and onto your images! We’d love the opportunity to know how we can be of service to you and your team!

All the Best,
The Applied Photography Team