Applied In Focus: Kitchens that Shine

There is an age old saying in Real Estate that “Kitchens sell homes”. Why wouldn’t they? Today, perhaps more than ever, kitchen spaces have become integrated into our lives in any manner of great rooms, sweeping entertaining spaces, or warm gathering areas.

Given how much time the Applied Photography team spends in homes, it’s pretty safe to say we’ve seen our fair share of kitchens. From a technical level, it might be a challenge to integrate a kitchen’s scale without overwhelming the image, but we think we’ve managed to conquer that hurdle well enough!

Behold, some of our favorite kitchens from the recent past:

TMGrady - Gaskill 1611 Bayshore Drive, NB CA 0618

TriPointe Citron At Bedford Corona CA 1018




WHA Richmond American The Summit, San Marcos, CA  Interior Design Photographer