Who We Are


Since 2001 Applied Photography has been bringing high quality photography to the building and hospitality community. Our goal is to help our clients differentiate themselves from the competition. Our strength lies with our ability to deliver a consistent, high quality product regardless of geography and industry. With ten offices across the Nation, Applied Photography is well positioned to serve as your premier photography partner. We look forward to working with you.

Our Team

From photographers, to client services and our marketing and sales professionals, we have been working to ensure that the quality of our services and products remain true to our award winning roots!

Jim Doyle
President, Jim@apgs.net

Patty Doyle
Chief Financial Officer, patty@apgs.net

Eric Good
Photographer & Trainer, Eric@apgs.net

Christine Jordan
Editor, Christine@apgs.net

Debbie Lund
Editor, Debbie@apgs.net

Patt Patterson
Photographer, Patt@apgs.net

Susan DiGregorio
Sales Manager, Susan@apgs.net

Michael Pearson
Photographer, Michael@apgs.net

Erica Keil
Sales, Erica@apgs.net

Tim Mathiesen
Photographer, Tim@apgs.net

Olivia Zavala
Marketing, Olivia@apgs.net

Marty Coon
Photographer, marty@apgs.net

Travis Stephens
Photography Assistant/Drone Pilot

Jen Awad
Business Development. jen@apgs.net